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Integrated marketing communications

While other agencies may provide discrete services, Marketing Solutions delivers the fully integrated marketing communications programmes our clients need to achieve bottom-line results.

We focus on adding value by delivering consistent, connected and cohesive marketing communications campaigns. To do this Marketing Solutions is aligned around five service areas: strategy development & insights, content marketing, influencer relations, digital marketing communications and commstech & analytics.

Strategy Development & Insights - The foundation of communications

Strategy Development & Insights

The foundation of communications

Understanding a customer's markets and its strategies establishes the foundation on which the strategic communications plan is built. Once created all marketing communications activities flow from the strategic plan and are measured against its objectives.

Various elements of research are employed to provide insights for the development of the communications plan: from monitoring competitive positioning, industry trends and customer persona messaging to customer journey communications.

Content Marketing - Telling your story

Content Marketing

Telling your story

Industrial technology have a rich reservoir of (often untapped) stories of innovation and invention. We understand and translate complex technical content into comprehensive and effective communications campaigns for you to engage with your key audiences in sectors such as automation, automotive, chemicals, construction, energy, packaging, plastics and processing sectors and related vertical markets.

We can help you mine stories and narrative out of your business and package them for use across multiple internal and external channels. In addition to a team of in-house writers, the EMG Creative Network of technical writers, designers and videographers ensures the right message gets to the right audience in the right way.

Influencer Relations - Knowing who to talk to

Influencer Relations

Knowing who to talk to

A planned and effectively managed flow of information about a company's products, services and activities to the appropriate influencers, and through them to targeted audiences, is fundamental to all marketing programmes. We have comprehensive, 'live', global databases and are continuously forging close working relationships with key industrial publications, journalists, bloggers and other influencers..

We regularly manage major international press conferences, media tours and press briefings which ensure in-depth coverage of significant news items and business initiatives.

Digital & Omni Channel Communications - Aligning channels and audiences

Digital & Omni Channel Communications

Aligning channels and audiences

We believe in a blend of traditional media relations and advertising, trade shows and events with social media and digital channels. We’ve always got one eye on the future, assessing new platforms, techniques and technologies and how these offer new opportunities to amplify company communications to the target audiences.

To establish your brand we research the channels your target audiences use, develop content that tells your story and reach out across a mix of channels to create engagement – combining marketing communications expertise with digital technology.

CommsTech & Analytics - Making it effective

CommsTech & Analytics

Making it effective

Over the years, we have invested in developing a suite of proprietary CommsTech tools that make planning, tracking of press, monitoring, analytics and reporting as efficient and accessible as possible. We're very proud of these tools which we are continuously developing further and help us to measure multiple forms of data such as share of voice, media penetration, social amplification and influencer impact. Ultimately demonstrating the effectiveness of the communications.

However, we don’t lock our clients in to using our suite of tools and we remain platform agnostic. Each client has its own specific challenges and has built a bespoke communications technology infrastructure to match their requirement. Our approach is to slot in seamlessly and add-value from day one.